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The precaution and isolation measures taken to prevent transmissions of the COVID-19 virus have a significant impact on our social lives and interactions. Besides elderly people, young people and children are at high risk. Home schooling, restrictions of social contacts and other restrictive measures can ultimately take a heavy toll on the mental and physical health of our children and young people.

Tips to improve your child’s well-being

COVID-19 Parenting

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One-on-one time

Keeping it positive

Structure up

When children misbehave

Keep calm and manage stress

Talking about COVID-19

Keeping children safe online

Family budgeting in times of financial stress

Family harmony at home

Learn through play

When we get angry

Parenting in crowded homes and communities

Finding help

Parenting during the pandemic, especially in homeschooling times, can be particularly stressful.

You can get support anonymously at the Parent Helpline.


(+352) 26 64 05 55

Service currently only available in German and French.

Telephone counselling and consultation hours (by appointment) at CePAS. Parents and teachers can get counselling and psychological support at (+352) 247 75 910.


(+352) 247 75 910

All conversations are anonymous and confidential.