I’m important

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has made the world pretty different right now. Here you can learn what you can do for yourself and your well-being. Learn to understand your feelings and learn new things about the coronavirus to get through this difficult time more easily.

7 Tips for yourself

Emotional check-in

Purpose of the emotional check-in:

Identify and reflect on your feelings and emotions during COVID-19.

Review your coping ways.

Download the emotional check-in here

Petites histoires sur le coronavirus

My hero is you

Corona, what is it?

My name is Coronavirus

COVID-19 explained

A short story about what we know about the coronavirus:

Watch and learn more about the coronavirus. Do you want to know how COVID vaccines work? And what is social distancing? Click here.

Finding help

If you feel nervous, stressed or worried all the time, you can’t sleep at night or you even have the urge to hurt yourself, you should seek help immediately by telling someone you trust and/or calling the “Kanner- a Jugendtelefon” helpline: (+352) 11 61 11

Call the “Kanner- a Jugendtelefon” helpline: (+352) 11 61 11